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2 tarts, a cake, and a French Fancy!
The London Gay Bridge Tournament cake
held by the Tournament Organiser, David King

Pairs Winners:  William Hotopf and Matt Harman with
Tournament Director - Anne Catchpole, (2nd from the left)
and Tourament Organiser - David King (far right)

Teams Winner:  Milo Brett.  "I did it all on my own; 
but I'd like to take this occassion to thank Peter Rogers, Sam Nim
and Amirul Islam for helping me get where I am today"

London Gay Bridge Tournament competitors 2016

Pairs winners, Philip Town and Neill Harcus with
Tournament Director: Anne Catchpole (middle!)

2nd place in the 2016 pairs competition
G Chande and D Sandford (no picture)

3rd place in the Pairs competition: Andy Conway
and Simon Jones with Anne Catchpole

Teams Winners: Peter Green, Martin Nygren, Margaret Nygren,
Graham Jones, with Tournament Director Anne Catchpole

Runners-up in the Teams competition: Philip Town, Neill Harcus,
Simon Jones & Andy Conway with Tournament Director

3rd place in the Teams competition: David King, Bill Keeling, Matt Harman,
William Hotopf with Tournament Director: Anne Catchpole

Peter Rogers & Chantal Girardin, Pairs winners with
Tournament Organiser, David King.

Teams Winners: Winnie Godberg, Paul Lamford, Doug Dunn
and Val Card with David King

David, with the runners-up in the Teams:  David Muller, Sonia Griffiths,
Phillipe Cahill and Mahender Pal.

Teams 3rd place: Bill Keeling, David King, Bev Meyers, Avi Chakraverty.

William Hotoph & Matt Harman (runners-up) Sam Nim & Phillipe Cahill (Pairs Competition Winners) and Chantal Girardin & Ken Rolph (3rd place)

(Teams Event Winners) William, Matt, Kevin & Andy (Runners-up) Lindsay, Steve, Bill & David (3rd place) Chantal, Ken, Sinead & Rob

The Teams Event Prize Winners with the Mistress of Ceremonies,                Tournament Director Anne Catchpole.

Teams Winners 2012 - William, Pat, Matt & Mo with Tournament Director:

Anne Catchpole and Tournament Organiser: Andy Conway

Teams Runners-up - David, Peter, Sue & Eleanor

Pairs Winners 2012 - Avi & Bev

Pairs runners up - William & Matt

Pairs 3rd Prize - Jim & Karen

Competitors for the 2012 GAYLYMPICS

GOLD Medal winners: Matt Harman & William Hotopf 

Silver foxes: Christopher Dee & Bill Keeling

Bronze Medal Winners: Lindsay Scandrett & Peter Green

The medal winners relaxing before adjourning to The Graveyard for a cool down 

Davina with her cock on display

Bill going for Gold, but getting Silver

The Motley Crew from 2012 GAYLYMPICS

2010 Pairs' Winners: Bill Keeling & Christopher Dee with the lovely                    Anne Catchpole (Middle!) this year's Tournament Director                                     PS Spot the cup!

I've found the cup!

2010 Pairs' 2nd Prize Winner(s): Ed Sanders, collecting the                          prizes on behalf of himself and his partner Mike Klein

2010 Pairs' 3rd Prize: Joint winners: Colin Hepworth, Ken Rolph,                              Steve Marquez, Firoz Rafique with Tournament Organiser                         Christopher Dee 

2010 Teams' Winners: Firoz Rafique, Steve Marquez, John Wiliamson,                 Mark Cast with Tournament Organiser Christopher Dee (Centre)

2010 Teams' 2nd Prize winners: Ken Rolph, Colin Hepworth,                               Andy Pluto & Lindsay Scandrett. 

2009 Pairs' Winners: Ken Rolph & Colin Hepworth, with Tournament              Organiser - Christopher Dee (far left) and Tournament Director -                             Gordon Rainsford (far right)

2009 Pairs' 2nd prize Winners: William Hotopf & Matt Harman

2009 Pairs' 3rd prize Winners: Jim Peard & Chris Frost

2009 Teams' Winners: Matthew Hendrickson, Mo Rajabali, David Gilmore                  & Pat Bohan, with Tournament Organiser - Christopher Dee and               Tournament Director - Gordon Rainsford  

2009 Teams' 2nd prize Winners: Steve Marquez, Victor Lau, Mark Cast                      & John Williamson, with Christopher Dee & Gordon Rainsford

2008 Pairs' Winners: Andy Conway & Pat Bohan, & Tournament                           Organiser - Christopher Dee

2008 Pairs' 2nd prize Winners: Matthew Hendrickson & David Gilmore

2008 Pairs' 3rd prize Winners: Neil Harcus & Alain Verberkmoes

William and Lindsay have their eyes on the trophy, but Matt makes                         a grab for it!

2008 Teams' Winners: Tim Summerfield, William Hotopf, Matt Harman,             Lindsay Scandrett, with Tournament Director Colin Hepworth (3rd from                   the left) & Tounament Organiser Christopher Dee (far right)

Watch the birdie! 2008 Teams' 2nd prize Winners: Alan Powys,                            John Williamson, Victor Lau & Steve Marquez 

2008 Teams' 3rd prize Winners: Jim Malone, Bob Searle, Karen Sloane                and Lawrence Rice

A Thank You from Lawrence Rice, on behalf of The West Group


2007 Tournament Director - Gordon Rainsford. with Pairs' Winners:                         Pat Bohan & Mo Rajabali, plus Tournament Organiser - Christopher Dee

2007 Pairs' 2nd prize Winners: Matthew Hendrickson & David Gilmore

2007 Pairs' 3rd prize Winners: Andrew Montgomery & Graham Jones 

2007 Teams' Winners: Lindsay Scandrett, William Hotopf,                                    Tim Summerfield & Matt Harman

2007 Teams' 2nd Prize: John Williamson, Alan Powys, Steve Marquez                   and Victor Lau.

2007 Teams' 3rd prize Winners: Avi Chakraverti, Marcelo Manca,                      Matthew Hendrickson & David Gilmore

             Competitors for the 2007 Teams event

Bob Searle, Sammy Samuels, Jim Maloney, Lawrence Rice,                         Tournament Organiser - Chris Dee, Tournament Director - Tony Staw,                 Derrick Wright, David Osborne, Mike Pateman and Nigel Tonkin

Teams' Winners: Mike Pateman, Derrick Wright, David Osborne & Nigel Tonkin

Tournament Organiser Christopher Dee and Tournament Director                          Tony Staw

Trophy Table with the Paul Cook Memorial Shield & Champagne                               sponsored by: The Victoria Pub in Paddington

                                A Motley Crew

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